The Cockney Awkestra

The Cockney Awkestra is made up entirely out of staff from The Bow Centre for Cockney Excellence.

Proffessor Eel

Professor Eel MSci, BSci, Sci-Fi
Head of Linguistics, department of Ding Dong

Professor Eel specialises in Accordion Studies and is working hard to revive the community Ding Dong. His hobbies are fishing and reading.


Emeritus Professor Egg P.H.D, MPhil, Deep-Phill (Egg Cress)
Honorary Fellow, Knees Up Faculty

Emeritus Professor Egg’s has been working in the area of Knees Ups for over 30 years. He is currently studying the Three-Man Mixed Knee-Ups and Trombone Theory.



Doctor Treacle

Doctor Treacle C.B.E, F.B.I, R.S.P.C.A
University Senior Lecturer, Coconut Theory

Current research efforts in his group include optical control of single and multiple quantum-dot spins, high-resolution spectroscopy of diamond-based emitters, solid-state cavity-QED, nanoplasmonics and playing the banjo.